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In virtually every post I write about cooking, whether it is barbecue or another one of my favorite meals, I talk about just how important monitoring temperature is.

I cannot stress this enough. Perfect steak, chicken, pork, veggies, and even breads are made through monitoring temperature.

You do not have to be a Michelin Star winning Chef to cook the best steak you’ve ever had.

This guide aims to equip you with the most important thing to use in your decision making: knowledge.

Let’s dive right in…

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What To Look For In A Thermometer

The criteria is simple:

Find what the Pros use and celebrate gleefully when you realize it is within budget.

Seriously, I’ve been to a lot of competitions and there are common tools among award winning cooks.

When it comes to Thermometers, I trust ThermoWorks.  I found ThermoWorks when I first dove into the Competition BBQ and haven’t looked back. I’ve used a dozen different makes and styles of thermometers, some have pretty amazing features, but I will continue to invest in their gear because of the results.

ThemoWorks Calibration lab has even received some top accreditations.  Yes, it’s a thing.

After all, if you have a chance to win $10,000 for the perfect steak, wouldn’t you want to know your gear is up to par?

That’s besides the point, as with most things in life, there is a Good, Better, Best when it comes to thermometers.

Here’s the breakdown…

Instant Read Thermometers

 Good Better Best
ThermoPop Classic Thermapen Thermapen One

Reads in 3-4 second


Ergonomic design

Guaranteed Accurate

Reads in 3-4 seconds

1500hrs battery life

Auto on/off

Guaranteed Accurate


Calibration Cert Included


Guaranteed Accurate writhing +/- 0.5F

Bright Backlight

5-year Warranty


Calibration Cert Included

Choice of the Pros

ThermoWorks ThermoPop 

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 

 Thermapen ONE


You Don’t Know What You’re Missing, Until You Do…

Do me a favor, invest in one of these amazing tools. First thing, try grilled chicken breast cooked to a perfect 160F, or nail that steak at a mouth-watering medium-rare.

I promise you will use these tools daily, they are that powerful.

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