BBQ 101 - Start Here!!

So, you want to get started with barbecue?

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You’ve come to the right place! Glad you’re here.

You’ve probably been scrolling through Instagram or diving through barbecue channels on YouTube and feeling a little overwhelmed.

Don’t worry!

Yes, it's a little overwhelming seeing all the tools, brands, and opinions on what is best and why you should do certain things a certain way. In fact, I know a few folks who had desire to get started and were shocked by the cost of all of the equipment and gear they see expert cooks using at home.

What if I told you to not worry about buying fancy, expensive gear?


The goal and purpose of this channel is to get you started where you are!


The fundamentals of barbecue can be enhanced with the right tools - and we will get there in due time - but for now, let’s focus on what you have and how to get started today.

Gas grill, kettle, pellet, offset, and gravity feed are fantastic smokers/grills and depending on what you have in your collection we can get you started making delicious food with what you have.

It’s a lot, I get it.

That’s why I am creating BBQ 101: How To Really Start Making Great Barbeque

So… who am I and why do I feel like I can teach this to you?

My name is Sterling and I run Slothstradamus with the help of my wife and our 4 kids. We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I have been a passionate outdoor cook for just over 10 years now. My love of barbecue began a long time ago after living overseas and then a short time in Dallas, Texas before returning home to Salt Lake City.

Even though I have been grilling and smoking meats for over a decade, my journey in sharing my story began just a couple of years ago when my wife motivated me to start an Instagram account to document and capture our culinary adventures as a family.

Those adventures have brought a lot of excitement into our home, as well as some incredible experiences.

We began telling a story. We began sharing how other families could enjoy their mealtime together with tips, tricks, and recipes that have become a staple in our family and an integral part of how to approach cooking with fire.

Stories are great, but stories serve a purpose. A bridge of understanding from here to there.

Through our story, we now have the opportunity to teach cooking classes in our outdoor kitchen and with local barbeque suppliers. We compete with some of the best pitmasters in the world in a variety of competitions, and we get to share these adventures with all of you.

You are why we are here, you are the reason for this series, and I hope you find it helpful and beneficial!  This intro will serve as a table of contents that we build over time.

To that end, subscribe to our Newsletter. We will drop a note as we update BBQ 101, share recipes, and tools/products to help you achieve your culinary goals.

We have had, and continue to have, the amazing opportunity to work with some amazing brands in the industry, we tell our story by filming recipes and content that have been featured on the local news and by other companies sharing a similar vision of unlocking great food for the masses.

My Promise

I promise I will only share tools, tips, and methods that I actually use. To this end, I will only partner with brands that I truly trust and believe in. This is an all-secrets shared Blog, I won’t hold anything back, and to that end - if you want to see/learn anything in particular, do not hesitate to reach out!

I want to dive into the details of why and unlock understanding for you. I have had the amazing opportunity to be mentored by some of the greatest cooks I have had the opportunity of meeting and I will share what these experts with dozens of years of professional experience have shared with me.

Every tool in my collection is one I use and believe in. I will share affiliated links for you to purchase - if you desire - the tools that make this job easier.

However, again, you do not need these tools to get started. You can get started today with what you have and slowly build your toolbox over time. The investment is worth every penny, the ROI is delicious meals that you get the satisfaction of knowing you labored and cooked for your friends and family.

When needed, I will pull experts that have far superior knowledge than I to expound on a subject, method, or the technology and science hiding behind the “why.”

Guests are an exciting part of our future plans and how we deliver content to you.

Well, now that we have introductions and goals out of the way, let’s dive right into it!


Thermapen ONE

BBQ 101 Table of Contents

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