Should I Buy a GRILLKILT?

The GRILLKILT is driving an apron renaissance that home cooks love. It’s convenient, stylish, and has tons of storage options. Is it worth the money? Absolutely. Read more about it here.

Should I Buy a GRILLKILT?

The GRILLKILT is driving an apron renaissance that home cooks love. It’s convenient, stylish, and has tons of storage options. Is it worth the money? Absolutely.

Stick around for a moment and I will share what I love about this amazing new approach to rocking an apron, why it solves the hassle of wearing an apron, and provide an affiliate link to secure a discount as well.

In short, we’ll chat about why the GRILLKILT is a perfect gift for friends, family, or the grilling and BBQ enthusiasts in your life.

What is a GRILLKILT?

Personally, I love product names that fit their exact use. the GRILLKILT is an apron replacement that solves everything I hated about wearing aprons in an affordable, feature-packed product.

If you're like me, you keep your cooking equipment safely secured in your kitchen or pantry. And when I cook outside – which is a lot! – the process includes many back-and-forth trips from my kitchen to the BBQ pavilion. You can relate to this back-and-forth, right?

I typically take thermometers, seasonings, tongs, basting brushes and a variety of other equipment with me, which before the GRILLKILT, meant multiple trips.

The GRILLKILT has room for everything, it isn't bulky or awkward, nor is it uncomfortable. I can load the pockets with every tool I need and transport food at the same time - saving time and cutting back on the unnecessary back-and-forth.

How is a GRILLKILT different than an apron?

Will you allow me to be a diva for a moment? I have zero love for the discomfort an apron places on my neck and shoulders. That problem is only amplified if you fill the pockets of an apron with your BBQ tools and utensils.

I always found myself folding my apron in half to avoid the discomfort, but it wouldn’t fit right. The apron would slip down if weighed down at all. At this point, I still had to make multiple back-and-forth trips and the only purpose an apron was providing me was a splash guard.

The GRILLKILT is comfortable. I mean really comfortable, and instead of tying apron strings, I adjust the buckle and the GRILLKILT snaps into place, fitting perfect every time.

The GRILLKILT is also heavy duty. They are thoughtfully constructed and even machine washable.

So why buy a GRILLKILT?

I am so glad you asked!

The GRILLKILT is designed to delight anyone at the grill or in the kitchen. The product is unisex and can easily be adjusted to fit your body. There is nothing better than a place for everything, and everything in its place. The GRILLKILT keeps my gear organized, and I know exactly where everything is at all times.

The GRILLKILT has saved many pairs of pants and shorts from grease, grill residue, and unexpected attacks from BBQ sauce.

In summary, the GRILLKILT is for you if: you’re looking for a convenient way to store your gear during cooks, you need protection for your clothing against spills and stains, and you hate aprons and want something that is designed better and fits you like a glove.

And the product is heavy duty, washable, comfortable, and sewn in America.


If you've been following my journey for a while, you know I am picky about partnerships.

We have partnered together to offer friends and followers a 15% off discount when you purchase the product through 👉 THIS LINK and use promo code SLOTHSTRADAMUSBBQ at checkout!

Yes, these links are affiliate links. That means that not only do you get a sweet discount on an amazing product that I recommend without hesitation, but it means I receive a small commission with your order. It's a win-win-win.

In summary, know that I only partner with and recommend products I love, use regularly, and would buy for my friends and family.

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