A little about me..

I'm passionate about building brands I believe in.

(Displayed image is a live cooking demo at ThermoWorks)

Over the last year, I have had the incredible opportunity to work with and partner with some incredible companies.

I have filmed with a local news studio to share a Thanksgiving recipe and filmed two recipes with ThermoWorks.  (See links below)

In addition, I have shared and created recipes for Yoder Smokers, Stargazer Cast Iron, and a variety of other partners.

Your brand attracted me because it is something I use regularly, or something I believe in and would love to work together.

Below are some services I offer.  I'm sure we can find a great fit to build each other's brands.

brand ambassador

Ambassadors with organically grown audiences have a much closer connection with their audience and are more trusted.  When I partner with a company, it is a brand I believe in, something I want to see succeed, and a mission I want to be a part of.

influencer marketing

More than 50% of companies in the digital vector use Influencer Marketing.  Why?  Influencers are trusted individuals who have built an audience and have successfully built a relationship with them.  Customers gain marketing access to my multi-point platform, including Instagram, Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest.  I will work to make sure your investment reaches as many potential buyers as possible.

recipe DESIGN

Do you have a product that you wish to reach a wider audience through recipes?  My customers and I have found great success in working together through recipe design and creation, highlighting the sponsored product as the star of the recipe, increasing awareness through creative product adoption.  No matter the product we are highlighting, we can and will find creative recipes that are delicious, photogenic, and easy to replicate for your customer base.

honest product reviews

There is a need for real product reviews.  Often, customers look for the good, bad, and ugly in a product.  Let's be honest, having a real review goes miles.  Why?  No product is perfect.  However, we will make sure to highlight everything we love and what we don't in a professional manner.  I'd love to test your product and provide real feedback to my audience.  


Interested in working together?  Let's collaborate and see where I can help.

Sterling Davis, Slothstradamus

(Picture of Sloth on Fox13, live cooking segment)

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