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Grill Masters Club

One of the most enjoyable parts of barbecuing is the inexhaustible combination of things you can create.

I LOVE it.

There are a handful of folks I have spoken with over the last few months that get overwhelmed when shopping for new sauces and spices. Another common thing I hear is a lot of folks do not have access to a store that offers a variety of products.

Let me introduce you to the Grill Masters Club.

Grill Masters Club is a subscription plan that offers one, three, six, or twelve-month plans.

Check this out, every single box contains 4-5 products including amazing sauces, rubs, marinades, and even mystery items. Even better, they include some recipes as well.

I must say my favorite part of this box is in the discovery. There are SO many delicious rubs and seasonings out there and each store only sells and stocks so many different kinds. I would highly recommend checking these guys out for the opportunity to explore all of the great flavors out there.

My other favorite part is the ability to "gift" a box to a friend. Some folks are hard to shop for, I have gifted some of my BBQ friends in other states a box and they have turned around and subscribed. It is THAT good!


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Specials (only one code will apply):

  • Save $15 on 12 Month Subscription with Code SUMMERBBQ12 from 4/1-7/31

  • Save $10 on a 6 Month Subscription with Code SUMMERBBQ6 from 4/1-7/31

  • Buy a 6 or 12 Month Grill Masters Club Subscription, Get a Free T-Shirt with code BBQSHIRT from 4/1-7/31

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