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Stargazer Cast Iron - Product Review

In 2013, Peter Huntley founded Stargazer Cast Iron. Peter’s background included two passions he ended up marrying in creating Stargazer Cast Iron, product design and home cooking. Since founding Stargazer Cast Iron, cooking at home with high-quality Cast Iron has sparked a passion in thousands.

Stargazer has indeed started a #castironrevolution

I received my Stargazer skillets in June of 2019 and they have been a game-changer since the first day they arrived. I previously had cast iron I purchased from Amazon for $20 or so. Even after seasoning the iron numerous times, I couldn’t get it to behave the way I wanted it to. Eggs would stick, the iron would heat unevenly, and cleaning/maintaining were a hassle. I put the iron in my camping box and decided I would use it as my outdoor skillet, with little desire to replace my fancy set of pots and pans I invested in years ago.

That changed the first day I received my skillet. Out of the box, it passed the egg test, wiped clean in seconds, and blew my mind at how cool the handle would stay during a cook on the stovetop. After the first cook, I was hooked. After the second, I knew this product had given birth to a passion.

Since that time, I have sent dozens of friends and families to Stargazer and all of them have shared the same experience. I cook indoors, outdoors, camping, and even at competitions with my Stargazer.

So, what about the Stargazer makes that much of a difference?

Why Stargazer? I will break it down.

Smooth Interior - one of the first things you will notice about the skillet is the interior is not rough and porous like other irons you will purchase. The interior stands out in that it allows the skillet to pass the egg test right out of the box. In addition, the skillet wipes clean when you are done, simply rub it down with some BuzzyWaxx or any other type of oil (See care instructions from Stargazer for details)

Stay-cool Handle - Stargazer uses a forked handle design that works wonders in keeping the iron cool. My two-year-old is at the age where he has found a routine and does not deviate from it. Scrambled eggs are part of his morning routine, this means we use the Stargazer every single morning for cooking breakfast. I usually have eggs in one skillet, and hashbrowns in another. When cooked, removing the iron from the heat is a breeze with the stay-cool handle.

Drip-free Rim - With the Stargazer, there is no need for a pour spout, an awkward design that only works from that one particular angle. Left-handed, right-handed, it doesn’t matter with the drip-free rim.

Perfectly balanced - forget about unbalanced, awkward to hold and carry skillets, the Stargazer is incredibly well-balanced and only ships to your house after passing some serious quality tests. I appreciate a company that is dedicated to creating heirloom-class cast iron that my kids and their kids could use and appreciate.

What do I love about it?

  • So easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful

  • I love that I can use it anywhere, in any situation

  • It has made me fall in love with cast iron cooking

What don't I love about it?

  • I wish I could put it on my barrel smokers! The handle makes it too long. The only time this has been an "I wish" is when I was camping and the skillet did not fit on my Pit Barrel Cooker.

  • I wish there was a lid

Would I recommend it?

Yes, 100% yes. This is my favorite tool in the kitchen (I have 4 now). Not only are the folks at Stargazer amazing humans but the warranty backs up the amazing product. This is a next-level skillet that I would highly recommend.

Sloth Score

A. This would easily rate an A+ with a lid!

Interested? Check them out. The link’s on the page are affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase a Stargazer Cast Iron through the links, I make a small commission. However, know I take my recommendations seriously and would never recommend a product I do not regularly use or believe in.

Purchase a Stargazer Cast Iron Here - even better, use promo code SLOTHSTAR2 for 10% off!!

Specs for 12” from Stargazer’s Website


· Rim diameter: 12.0 inches

· Cooking surface diameter: 9.4 inches

· Total length: 21.5 inches

· Total height: 3.5 inches

· Depth (cooking surface to rim): 2.3 inches

· Capacity: 3.4 quarts (13.8 cups)


· Total weight: 6.5 pounds

Specs for 10.5” from Stargazer’s Website


· Rim diameter: 10.5 inches

· Cooking surface diameter: 8.1 inches

· Total length: 19.4 inches

· Total height: 3.3 inches

· Depth (cooking surface to rim): 2.0 inches

· Capacity: 2.3 quarts (9.2 cups)


· Total weight: 5.2 pounds

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