Sweet Pork BBQ Rub Recipe

This simple BBQ Rub is designed to bring out the best in pork. Sweet flavor profile with a hint of smoke.

Sweet Pork BBQ Rub Recipe

Sweet pork is a movement we can all get behind. Whether you’re covering a pork should for a backyard BBQ or prepping pork belly burnt ends for a game day potluck, this Sweet Pork BBQ Rub is sure to be a hit.

This expertly crafted rub is your secret weapon for delicious, succulent pork dishes. In this post, we'll share the secrets behind our Sweet Pork BBQ Rub, including how to make it at home, its versatile uses, and tips for achieving the perfect barbecue every time.

What is Sweet Pork BBQ Rub?

Sweet Pork BBQ Rub is a carefully blended mixture of spices and sugar designed to enhance the natural flavors of pork while adding a delightful sweet and smoky crust to your barbecued meats. Our unique blend includes ingredients like brown sugar, paprika, garlic powder, and a special selection of herbs and spices that create a perfect balance of sweetness and flavor.

Benefits of Using Homemade Sweet Pork BBQ Rub

  • Enhances Flavor: Sweet Pork BBQ Rub can elevate the taste of your pork dishes, creating a complex flavor profile that's irresistibly delicious. It's sweet, it's full of flavor, and it makes every bit of pork – or chicken! – incredible.
  • Perfect Crust Formation: Slow smoking pork with this rub is key to achieving a perfectly caramelized crust that locks in juices and adds texture to your barbecue.
  • Versatility: Our rub can be used on various cuts of pork, from ribs to tenderloins, and even in other cooking methods beyond grilling.

Tips for the Perfect BBQ with Sweet Pork BBQ Rub

  • Prepping Your Meat: Large cuts of meat can take a lot of seasoning. When prepping pork shoulder for example, we cover the entire cut of protein. If you're in a rush, add a binder like yellow mustard or olive oil to allow your sweet pork BBQ rub to adhere to the protein better. For best results, allow the rub to sit on the protein in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Grilling Techniques: This rub contains sugar – it is recommended you do not use this recipe for high-heat grilling. When rubs containing sugars are cooked over high heat, they can create a bitter taste. This BBQ rub is perfect for slow-smoked dishes.
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