Pork Shoulder Injection

Discover the secrets to juicy, flavorful pork shoulder with our easy-to-follow injection recipe. Perfect for BBQs, family gatherings, and competitions, this guide will take your pork from good to unforgettable.

Pork Shoulder Injection

Injecting a pork shoulder before smoking it is like giving your BBQ a magical flavor boost. It's not just about adding flavor; it's about enhancing the meat's natural juiciness, ensuring every bite is as mouthwatering as the next and the inside has developed equal flavor to the exterior.

Today, I'm sharing my go-to pork shoulder injection recipe that has never failed to impress at BBQs, family gatherings, and even in the competitive arena.

Why use an injection in BBQ?

Injecting your meat before cooking is a technique used by pitmasters to infuse it with additional flavors and moisture.

Especially for long smoking sessions, an injection ensures the meat stays juicy and tender, enhancing the overall taste and texture.

Should I inject my pork before cooking?

Absolutely! If you're aiming for pork that's not just good but great, injecting it is a step you shouldn't skip. Creating an injection for pork is simple and pays huge dividends. It's a game-changer in BBQ, taking your pork shoulder from dry and dull to dripping with flavor.

What do you inject pork with?

The ingredients you will find for pork injection recipes will vary greatly, depending on your desired flavor profile. Common choices include sweet pork, spicy pork, savory pork, or pork flavors with a delicious ethnic flare; Mexican, Korean, Filipino, and more.

Preparing Pulled Pork for Smoking

The secret to unforgettable pulled pork starts long before it hits the smoker. Pork injection is magical for cooking pork low and slow or hot and fast.  It begins with a flavorful injection mixture that penetrates deep into the meat, ensuring every fiber is seasoned.

Before removing the pork from the packaging, we inject the pork while still in the packing. Is this required? Absolutely not. But it keeps the pork injection from spraying or splashing during the injection process and it saves you the hassle of placing the pork in another ziplock bag while letting the pork injection work its magic. 

Competition pork injection

In the competitive BBQ world, your injection recipe can set you apart. A blend of savory, sweet, and umami flavors can elevate your pork shoulder to award-winning status.

This recipe has been a secret weapon to creating award-winning BBQ in competition. But it’s not just for competition!

Injecting the pork

Using a single entry point for each area of the pork, move the injector throughout the meat, ensuring an even injection. You will have multiple entry points, but should minimize where possible. We inject in two lines down the length of the pork, and inject around 3 inches of pork with every entry.

Apple juice vs pineapple juice for pork injection

While apple juice is a classic choice for pork injections, offering a sweet and mild flavor, pineapple juice brings an exotic twist with its tangy sweetness, enhancing the pork's flavor profile in a unique way.

At the end of the day, it’s all preference.

How to make a pork shoulder injection

Making a pork shoulder injection is easy. Simply add the ingredients together, bring to a boil to ensure the seasoning completely absorbs into the liquid, and allow it to cool to room temperature before injecting the pork.

Pork Shoulder Injection Recipe

This recipe is my secret weapon for juicy, flavorful pork that falls apart with the gentlest tug. It's easy to make and guaranteed to elevate your BBQ.

Ingredients for pork shoulder injection

Pork rub (We may be biased, but we recommend checking out our DIY sweet pork rub), water, pineapple juice, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and one 8-10 pound boston butt, bone-in pork shoulder, or boneless pork shoulder.

Sweet Pork BBQ Rub Recipe
Dive into our Sweet Pork BBQ Rub and discover how to transform your pork dishes into mouthwatering delights with our secret recipe and tips.

Best Pulled Pork Butt Injection

The best injections are those that complement the natural flavors of the pork without overpowering it. My recipe ensures the pork is the star of the show, with every other ingredient playing a supporting role.

What to inject pork butt with

When it comes to injecting your pork butt, think beyond just adding moisture. You're layering flavors, deepening the complexity of your BBQ. With the right injection recipe, you're not just cooking pork; you're creating a culinary masterpiece.

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